My Services

Video Production & Editing

Video production and editing is the backbone of my business. As a Camera Operator, Director, and Editor, storytelling is my niche. Whether it is a documentary marketing project, interview or wedding, I can see the final result even before the camera stops recording. That said, storytelling is nothing without a health dose of creativity and I have no shortage of that. I tell my clients, "I am simply the creative vehicle to make your vision and ideas a reality." Once I know your story and have heard your ideas, we can develop the creative map to take your project exactly where it needs to go. In production, I believe that a successful video starts with a great strategy, pays close attention to the details, and is completed with a crew that is creative, skilled and cares more about the project than the money it costs to create.  

  • Commercial TV & Broadcast

  • Corporate Video & Marketing Content

  • Product Highlight & Sizzle Reels

  • Social Media Marketing Content

  • Documentary-Marketing & Interviews

  • Weddings

  • Podcasts

  • Music Videos

  • and more ...


I was taught the art of photography from my father who spent years perfecting the art of landscape photography. Now passed, photography has taken on a new meaning in my life. It is much more than just knowing the right setting on the camera. Photography is about discovering ways to tell a story in a single frame. Like moments in life, the best photos are usually candid and happen when you least expect them.

  • Timelapse & Hyperlapse Photography

  • Product Photo

  • Lifestyle Photo

  • Website Media

  • Corporate Culture Photo

  • Professional Head Shots

  • Wedding Photo

  • and more ...

Graphic Design

As a designer, I am self taught and trained. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign have become my canvas. Design has given me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects from website designs to banner ads. If you can think it, then I can definitely find a way to create it.  

  • Banner Ads

  • Website Mock-ups

  • Promotional Media Flyers

  • Social Media Design

Production Rolls

Need a guy running the camera, to give some directions, or maybe just run around with a boom pole? I am a team player and love everything about being on set. Whether it is leading the crew or just running the camera, I value any roll on the team. Hire me for the job and you can rest assured it will be done right.

  • Director of Photography

  • Camera Operator

  • Creative Director

  • 1st AC

  • Drone Operator (FAA Commercially Certified)

Creative Consulting

I believe there is no wrong answer when it comes to creative; however, the direction that a company focuses there creative effort it crucial in the success of marketing campaigns, content creation, and overall brand strategy. Hire me to help your company take creative to the next level. Together we will discuss the company’s creative needs and review your entire creative process. Once we understand where creative could be best utilized, we will work with the your current resources to optimize the creative process, content types, methods of distribution.

The following are areas which I most often help companies optimize and review their creative processes and strategies.

  • Social Media Content & Strategy

  • Video Production Process & Equipment

  • Website Media & Design

  • Banner Ads & Marketing Material

  • Marketing Consultation & Review

My Equipment



"The General" - This camera has met the requirements of every shoot I have been on. That is why I have 2 of them. It can produce TV commercial content one day and rig it up for a wedding the next. No matter this project, this camera can do it all.



"Mr. Cinematic" - New to the team, I am continually impressed by the quality and versatility of this camera. Great for photo & video, this camera fulfilled my needs for a full-frame stills camera and matches the C200's ability to shoot 4k at up to 60fps for any shoot requiring two 4k cameras. Dual Pixel Autofocus at 120fps is always nice to have too.