Vienna Fashions - Prom 2019 Release Promo

Production companY

The Midlands Group


Vienna Fashions


  • Cozumel, Mexico


  • DoP & Editor: Kyle Thomas

  • Drone Pilot: Kyle Thomas

  • Director: Josh Voto

  • Producer: Michael Ryan

On this project the Midlands Team were asked to create a 2019 prom line release video for Vienna Fashions. The production took two days in Cozumel, Mexico. In pre-production, it was decided that the project with flow through scenes to bring the story together. A total of 9 scenes were shot in two days. Project was shot on my Canon 1DXii in 4k with the Canon 16-35 2.8iii, Canon 100mm Macro & Canon 70-200 2.8ii. Gimbal Shots with Ronin-S. Drone Shots with DJI Mavic Air

KT LOGO ANIMATED00000000.00_01_39_13.Still044.jpg
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